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Issue with visual "Forecast using Multiple Models"



  • Nainakshi Batra


    Thanks for reaching out. Forecast using Multiple Models visual provides ability to forecast future (predicted) values based on historical data.

    The X-axis goes up to 2035 as it shows predicted data:

    We have notified our engineering team of "Add date in tooltip" request. We value end-user experience and regularly add features based on feedback. Please follow our beta build page for new feature announcements. 

    If you have an urgent need for a custom feature, please contact 

    -Nainakshi from MAQ Software

  • M.R.


    Thank you for your response. Please be aware of the following:

    1. Current data (i.e. "Observed", blue line) is going several years in the future even though the maximum date in my dataset is Feb 2021. On the chart, the blue line ends somewhere after 2030 ! It should end in 2021. This is a bug, please investigate

    2. You set the forecast limit until a fixed year of 2035? Forecast period must be customized, in order to chose, for example: 3 month, 6 month, 1 year. These are more useful periods rather than a 15 year forecast..


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