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[Radar Chart] How to fix axis scale



  • Nainakshi Batra


    Thanks for reaching out. 

    We’ve notified our engineering team of your request. We value end-user experience and regularly add features based on feedback. Please follow our beta build page for new feature announcements and bug fixes. 

    If you have an urgent need for a custom feature, please contact 

    -Nainakshi from MAQ Software

  • Trey Cook


    I recently downloaded the MAQ Software Radar Chart, and one thing that I would have thought that would be an option would be for the axis lines to be able to be static and have the same scale for each value.  However, if there's a way to configure this, I haven't been able to find it in the configuration settings.  I presume this is the same situation that Felipe is having above.  Presumably, there isn't a way to configure this - is it possible to request that as an enhancement?  It seems counterintuitive to me that the axis lines would be dynamic as they appear to behave.  If the shape is really distorted as a result of the same axis line scale, so much the better.  Hope you can make this happen soon!

    Best Regards,

    Trey Cook


  • Sophie Lampert

    I am also looking for the above solution. All of the 'spokes' on my diagram range from 0-4 gradings, however if there is no data above a 2, then the outer ring is a 2 on that spoke, whereas it might be 3 on the next one.

  • Chantal Piscetta

    Hi everyone,

    I'm also trying to keep the scale of the radar chart fixed, as Felipe and the other colleagues above.

    My ratings vary from 0 to 8,33, and when there is no answer reaching the maximum points, the axis changes and it makes it seem as if they reached the maximum points available, even though it's not true.

    Thank you!

  • Krishna Sharma | MAQ Software


    Thanks for reaching out.

    This issue is resolved in the latest build.

    Let us know if it resolves your issue and revert back in case of any further issues.

    -Krishna from MAQ Software.

  • Ramya Chandrasekaran

    @krishna sharma ,

     Hello all, 

      Still unable to fix axis scale issue in MAQ radar chart in power bi,..the build krishna pointed was version 4.0.1 beta , but the one available in power bi desktop to import is only version 4.0.0 . Can someone help on how to fix the scale value fixed from 0-5 for all competencies ?



  • Tristan Powell

    I am also having this issue. Need to be able to fix axis range... thanx

  • James Orange

    Hi all, would love to get a solution to this as well, wondering if this has been pushed through to the PowerBI desktop version?


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